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Via the NY Times


I love this shirt from the new Rockwell Collection featuring art by brand head and designer Parra.


Edward Weston's grandson comments on some of Weston's photos of the northern California coast.  Here.
Via the NY Times


The New Yorker recently had a great article on Bill Cunningham, who does the "On the Street" photo column for the New York Times.  Read it here, and check out this week's "On the Street"


Holy Shit.

How great are these? Stereo photographs turned into animated .gifs, from The Bar Mitzvah and Other Tales of Living in Stereo.  Via Square America.


SeaVees X Pantone.  I need these.

Ray Ban Clubmasters. Because too many fuckers are wearing Wayfarers now.


Frank Lloyd Wright's Fawcett House in Los Banos, California is up for sale.  P.S. My birthday is coming up.

Actually...This might be even cooler.  Only a replica though.

Bidoun is awesome.  Definitely the best magazine I've seen in 2009 thus far.  Great material and great production values.  The content is focused on the Art and Culture of the Middle East, which I had no idea was such fertile ground until I picked up their last issue.  This month's issue is "Kids" and includes such articles as "The Education of Lee Boyd Malvo" and "Vegan Jihad".  Check it out (and no I don't work for them).  
So fun, so cool. Click link: Ron Winter's Drum Set


Self portraits by photographer Samuel Fosso

Up and coming rapper Pill (formerly Gangsta Pill) is always wearing these classic Horror movie shirts.  Always black.  They look like the ones that you can get at an independent video store.  I like the look and his music's good too.

I can't wait to see Frontier of Dawn.  It screened at Cannes this year and opens this Friday in New York.  Lead actor Louis Garrel always picks good parts, I've enjoyed all of the films I've seen him in, from Bertolucci's The Dreamers to Dans Paris and Love Songs.  This film is directed by his father, Phillippe Garrel, an underrated but important figure of the French New Wave.  


Early photos of Julie Newmar, who would go on to become Catwoman.